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December 11, 2023

A High-Stakes Beginning

Imagine the tension of a startup pitch contest. The clicker fails just as we begin, testing our composure in front of an audience and six competing teams. But this challenge was just the first step in a journey towards a remarkable victory and a 30,000 euro prize.

The Genesis of robolex docs

In the journey of creating robolex docs, we began with a clear and compelling vision: to tackle a significant challenge in the legal world – the lack of automation in many legal processes. Our dive into the industry revealed a stark reality: numerous legal procedures remained mired in outdated, manual methods, making access to legal services not only cumbersome but also costly.

With some solid advice from our mentors and investors, we honed in on this goal. Our focus was simple: create a tool that cuts through the red tape, makes legal stuff less intimidating, and opens up access to legal services. Because, let's face it, legal help shouldn't be a luxury.

With robolex, we're all about making the legal world more accessible and a lot less daunting.

Crafting a Dream Team

The robolex journey is a testament to the power of collaboration. Nicu Predeus, with his deep-rooted legal expertise, Mihai Coslet, our tech wizard and software engineer; and Nicu Chiciuc, the AI enthusiast who turns ideas into reality, each played a pivotal role. Together, they created a synergy that impressed our investors and laid the groundwork for our success.

Learning from the Best: Insights from Investor Speakers at Dreamicon

The Dreamicon Conference, powered by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Accelerator Dreamups, was a treasure trove of insights and wisdom from seasoned investors and experts. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to several key speakers for their invaluable contributions:

  • Yrjö Ojasaar from Change Ventures: His speech on 'Estonia as a Roadmap for Moldova' was eye-opening. Yrjö's experience in the Estonian startup ecosystem offered us a blueprint for success and highlighted the untapped potential in Moldova for tech innovation.
  • Szymon Kubicki from Docplanner: Szymon’s talk on 'Building a Dream Team in Unicorn Startups' was a masterclass in talent acquisition and team-building strategies. His guidance is now a cornerstone of our approach to team development.
  • Nick Himowicz, Innovation Coach: Nick’s presentation, 'How to Build a Billion Dollar Business in Moldova', was not just inspiring but packed with practical advice. His emphasis on the right tools, testing ideas, and knowing when to pivot, are lessons we’ve embedded in our strategy.

Each of these speakers, along with many others, played a pivotal role in shaping our perspectives and strategies. Their expertise and willingness to share knowledge have been instrumental in our journey and the growth of the Moldovan startup ecosystem.

And to all the other incredible speakers, mentors, and participants at Dreamicon – your insights, stories, and advice have been a source of inspiration and learning for us. 🌟

Beyond the Win: A Path Forward

Our victory was a turning point, validating our business model and opening up new avenues for growth and development.

With this win, we're not just planning our next steps; we're actively moving towards revolutionizing the legal tech industry, guided by our experiences and the support of our investors.

Shoutout to the Organizers and Fellow Competitors

A massive shoutout to Dreamups for setting up this electrifying event. Kudos to the other finalists Oto and OneSyncs, for their innovative approach and groundbreaking ideas. It's competitions like these that fuel the fire of creativity and innovation.

Also, a huge thank you to Mozaic and their investment network for the incredible investment of 30,000 euros. This support is not just a financial boost; it's a vote of confidence in our vision and a crucial step in our journey. We are deeply grateful for this partnership and the opportunities it opens up for robolex.

Be Part of Our Story

Join us on this thrilling adventure. We're not just any startup; we're trailblazers in legal tech. Want to experience our services, invest in our vision, or just chat? Drop us a line, join our journey, and let’s make legal tech fun and efficient together!

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